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TThunderstruck - The AC/DC Show

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THUNDERSTRUCK has become Sydney’s premier AC/DC Tribute Show. This has come from hard work , playing the best we can, making it a real AC/DC experience and getting the audience involved. It’s all about making them part of the event, something that they will remember and they will want to be part of again and again. We do recognise that they could go out and watch any other act in Sydney, so we make it a ROCK N ROLL PARTY every time we hit the stage.

THUNDERSTRUCK live is apacked 2.5 hour set of classics from Highvoltage to Rock Or Bust - a massive hits packed show with all the LIVE hits from The Classic Bon Scott era and the Classic Brian Johnson period up until now.

Thunderstruck is a Sydney based AC/DC tribute band made up of guys who have a passion for Rock n Roll.  Its a collection of guys who come from bands such as  The Sabbath Show,  The Dio Show, Stocker, Thunder Steel, and Powerage (the 70s & 80s Hard Rock Covers Show.) The band will celebrate it’s 15th anniversary on the road, and I can tell ya, it’s been great, it’s a party every weekend, and me personally, I get to sing my favorite songs from my band every weekend.

AC/DC burst onto the music world back in 1974 and astounded fans with their schoolboy image and High Powered Rock.Since they first set out on The Highway To Success they have sold over 220 million albums world wide and still sell out concerts all over the globe.They have a discography of 19 albums and 43 years of hard work.

As AC/DC fans ourselves, we acknowledge that ANGUS YOUNG is a major part of AC/DC and to play tribute to ANGUS is an exceptionally hard job not only in the playing but the performance as well. THUNDERSTRUCK’s SG /MARSHALL WEAPON - Brett Tyrell, he is one hell of an ANGUS. In all my years watching tributes, I have never come across such a dedicated and skillful musician, not only that, but he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. We are so lucky to have him in our Rock n Roll Family. He will ROCK ya socks off in every song and Let There Be Rock is his epic guitar smash. You will love it.

 THUNDERSTRUCK typifies the spirit of AC/DC through the music and its performance. With a set list of classics covering all the hits, THUNDERSTRUCK guarantees you will have just experienced

 The Monsters of Rock



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